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Repairing the Dry Burn

9 August 2004

Although NTS Work Parties undertake the majority of conservation works on St Kilda, some jobs need specialist skills.  This week has seen Jim Ramsay and Nick Aitken, both professional dry-stane dykers, carry out work on the Dry Burn.  As the name suggests the Dry Burn normally has little or no water in it, but during heavy rainfall can become a raging torrent.  In the nineteenth century the sides and bottom of the burn were lined with stone, probably to control the fluctuating water flow.  However the effects of years of water flow have scoured out holes in the sides and base and erosion was occuring along the banks.  Jim and Nick have spent the last few days repairing this damage, levering large blocks of stone back into their original positions and rebuilding the revetted sides.  The repaired channel should now allow water the flow more directly and stop the erosion and scouring of the sides.


Sorry there's no picture - we're having problems with the digital camera

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