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Goodbye Work Party One!

13 June 2013

Three weeks ago today saw the arrival of the first work party of the year – WP 13/1. That day also saw a fresh breeze and high swell, which meant that the twelve poor souls decanted by zodiac onto the end of the jetty looked in no fit state to work or party! However, they quickly recovered (some after a wee lie down).

The work party was ably led by veteran work party leader Andrew Cordier, who has been coming to St Kilda longer than I have been going anywhere, and included several members who had visited previously – affectionately known as ‘repeat offenders’.
The photo below shows work party one just prior to departing for home on a glorious day. WP 13/01 were… (Back Row) Richard, Ebby,Paul,Conney,Eric,Alex,Rachel, and Helen. (Front row sitting) M.A, Sarah, Michael and Andrew.
WP13/01 Group portrait
A big job for WP1 was checking cleit roofs – most of these required a little TLC to keep out wind, weather, and hungry sheep. The work party also undertook some drystone repairs. Occasionally a stone will break during collapse, resulting in some chin-scratching at why you can’t seem to find ‘that big one at the top’. The photograph below shows Andrew, Eric, and Michael just after the Eureka moment!
WP13/01 Andrew, Eric and Michael dry stane dyking

I would like to thank all the chaps and chapesses of work party one for a great two weeks and for making my first experience of work parties such an easy and enjoyable one. See you again soon!

Àrsair Hiort/ St Kilda Archaeologist

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