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High rise nester

21 May 2014

Peep, peeeeeeeep, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!


That's the sound I've been hearing on walks through the village. Once again, it looks like Oystercatchers are nesting within the Head Dyke and what a noise they make when someone gets a wee bit too close to their nest site!OystercatcherAlarming


One of my tasks is to record the territories and, if possible, the nest sites of these birds on Hirta.  I knew the general location of one nest as the birds weren't shy with their alarm calls.   I had thought the bird might be nesting within a cleit so I took a torch and checked a few - the only thing I found were some sheep sheltering from the wind.


Next tactic was to pick a spot behind the head dyke and scan the area.  It actually wasn't long before I spotted the nest....I spy an Oystercatcher!


....on top of a cleit!     I guess the pair have a nice view, but the chicks are going to have a fair fall to the ground once they hatch.Oystercatcher nest with a great view



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