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Coastguard exercises

5 July 2012

As we've all said before, in the summer St Kilda doesn’t feel particularly remote due to three regular day boats, twice weekly helicopter supply runs, an RCL, private charter boats, cruise ships and yachts visiting the island. Busy bay with Cruise ship, RCL and day boats


However, during times of emergency it’s the minutes that count and that is when we realise just how far we are from help. Last week the coastguard helicopter made a visit to St Kilda on an exercise to familiarise themselves with the island and potential landing locations. This is useful because it allows them to more safely navigate the area if they are called out to the island outside daylight hours.Coastguard helicopter above cleits at the top of the hillCoastguard helicopter landed on the road


Thankfully, we don’t need the services of the coastguard very often, but it’s always comforting to know that they are only a few minutes away. Coastguard helicopter leaving St Kilda


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