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Mark a burrow

28 May 2014
Well, that's the first part of the puffin survey complete.

Pete Holden and I visited Dun and marked as many burrows as we could during our visit. Pete is Head Ranger at Mar Lodge in Aberdeenshire, but he's no stranger to the island as he often acts as temporary Warden during the summer.  Pete almost made it to Dun last year but the mist swallowed the island and our trip was cancelled. For a while this year it looked like the same might happen but luckily the weather broke and we made it across.Pete on Dun

Most of the time it's impossible to see adult puffins within their burrow, but there's always an exception to the rule.Dun: Puffin in a burrow on Dun

We left the island after marking  81 burrows with eggs inside.  Not a bad effort considering the difficulties associated with landing on Dun and moving around the island.Pete and Gina after marking burrows on Dun


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