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Wind and an assortment of birds

23 May 2014

It's been incredibly windy for the last few days which has stopped me from venturing too far afield. At this time of year I should be sitting out on cliff edges surveying kittiwakes, fulmars and guillemots but the strength of the wind makes this pretty dangerous and it's also very difficult to keep a scope stable enough to record any meaningful data.It is difficult to keep a scope steady at a cliff edge in the wind


I'm still able to do my daily walks in the local area and today I saw swifts, swallow, a crane, heron and a QinetiQ contractor caught sight of a cuckoo!Birds: Grey heron in fresh water looking for food


A crane on St Kilda! Since arriving last week, this unusual visitor to the island has been spotted at several sites within Village Bay. Only a handful of records exist this far west of the mainland but all sightings, bar one, have occurred in the summer months. Its presence is causing much discussion amongst residents on the island as it is associated with the start of seasonal activities. Unfortunately, a long period of uncharacteristically strong northerly winds have prevented the crane from migrating uphill and, for now, it remains grounded....Birds: A crane, a real rarity on island




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