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The view from my window

28 June 2005

Many people looking at the kilda website images must get the impression that St Kilda is a place of blue skies and sunshine - an idyllic archipelago off the west coast of Scotland.  This is most certainly not the case at this time of year, and 2005 has produced more days than usual with a view like this....


rather than this.....


When the weather is so dreich it is also exceedingly damp, so the NTS staff on the island tend to turn to catching up with paperwork, content in the belief that the Western Isles and probably the rest of the west of Scotland will be similarly afflicted.  Howerver, we understand that this is currently not so and that most of Scotland is bathed in sunshine.  So our frustration levels rise; are we going to miss out on summer weather altogether?

Perhaps for the St Kildans this weather was useful - damp and warm to encourage the grass and crops to grow.  But they definitely needed sunshine in July/August, as the oats or barley developed, otherwise there would be winter shortages for all.

Jill Harden

Temporarily the St Kilda Archaeologist

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