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From Norfolk to Hirta

1 June 2014
A rather sickly looking Herring gull eventually couldn't defend itself any longer from the bonxies and we discovered it dead in one of the meadows in Village Bay.  On closer inspection, the gull was ringed so I noted the details, submitted them via the Euring - European Union for Bird Ringing -  website and then waited for the ringing team to contact me with information about the bird.    Herring gull with BTO ring

It turns out that the Herring gull was a long way from 'home'. The gull was ringed as a nestling in July 2011 by the Wash Wader Ringing Group in Norfolk - a distance of 785 km from Hirta! 

If you find a ringed bird on your travels then please remember to record the number and submit a 'recovery report' via the Euring  website.  It is the data collected from ringing that provides important information on migration patterns, demography and ecological processes which can be used to help conserve and protect birds.  This means every ringing report really is very valuable.


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