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A stinky Sunday!

12 May 2014

Blue sky, sunshine, a flat calm sea and hardly a breath of wind is an ideal combination of weather for boats in the bay, including supply vessels!StinkySunday - Blue skies and a boat beached in the bay


During the summer months the majority of all the large kit and heavy goods that are needed on island are delivered by landing craft.  These are flat bottom vessels that beach themselves at low tide allowing goods to be unloaded directly onto the beach.  StinkySunday - Land(rover) ahoy!StinkySunday - Unloading an ISO container off the boat


On Sunday, the vessel brought a tanker and crew to empty the island's septic tank.  To say the air smelt...errrr.... 'ripe' is an understatement!  StinkySunday - Truck on island cleaning out the septic tank - whiffy!


Our on site sewage system is, quite rightly, not something many visitors to the island think about but it is a vital component of the infrastructure that allows people to work and visit the island with minimal impact on the environment.  


Given the stink, I decided it was best to head off and enjoy the views (and fresh air!) from the top of Conachair.View from Conachair on a calm day



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