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Rare bird!

22 April 2015

The weather was amazing at the weekend; sunny, clear blue skies, calm seas and virtually no wind.  Not exactly the sort of weather I'd expect to bring unusual birds to the island, but it did!  Great tit (Photo: Janice)


A great tit?  Unusual? Am I crazy?  Nope!  It may very well be a common bird on the mainland but it is a rare visitor to the Uists and the outliers of St Kilda and Mingulay.   In fact, it seems that there has only been one other sighting at St Kilda and that was over 30 years ago in 1981 -  a very rare visitor indeed!   Great tit crop (Photo: Janice)

Thanks to Janice, a member of staff on the base, for passing on news of this sighting. Initially she wasn't sure what species she had seen but knew enough to recognise it wasn't a St Kilda regular.  It's great to know there are folk on island who keep an eye out for tweets as it's impossible for the ranger team to be everywhere at once.  It's sightings like these, particularly when accompanied by a photograph, that help keep our records more complete.

Gina (and Janice!)



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