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Lovely Week and the End of Black House H

8 May 2017


I am discovering that time moves differently on St Kilda. I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last blog entry. The weather was stunning and the visitors where numerous and happy! Last week we also had a visit from the Chairman of the NTS, Sir Moir Lochead, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the work we have been doing here on St Kilda.


Sir Moir, Gina and myself outside of the Manse, with our new World Heritage Plaque

Last week also saw the completion of the repairs to Black House H, as I mentioned briefly in my last entry. The works program this time was to rebuild the upper gable, which is the thinner triangular wall resting on the end wall itself. The upper gables are a feature on several of the black houses and are probably a later addition, reflecting the change in roof style from thatched to zinc or felt and tar roofs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The addition of the upper gable itself may have led to the eventual collapse of the gable wall, so this time we gave it a stronger core to make it last.  


Innes at Work

It was a pleasure working with our heritage drystone specialist, Innes Watson. His years of involvement on St Kilda and his expertise in drystone building means he thinks about structures in a very different way than I do, and I felt like I learned quite a lot about how our village was built!


Before (2008)


Sad state of affairs (2016)


After! (2017)

It’s quite a challenge to spot the difference!

Cheers for now,


St Kilda Archaeologist

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