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And now, the end is near…….

10 October 2008

Well, this will be my last entry as the Seabird and Marine Ranger on St Kilda as my time here is drawing to a close. St Kilda has been home for the last four years, and what a wonderful time it has been.




The memories will be many and varied, and range from the sublime (sitting at The Gap in bright moonlight watching the blinking of all the lighthouses from the Flannans in the north down to Barra Head in the south, the cacophony of noise at Carn Mor at night, the spectacular effects as white billowing clouds flow over the tops to fill the hollows beneath, footprints sparkling with phosphorescence on the jetty in the dark, and watching the Leach’s petrel chicks grow from little grey powder puffs to sleek adults through the endoscope) to the ridiculous (belly dancing and doing the Conga on cruise ships, inflatable giraffes, making your own entertainment by beating marmite until it goes white, silly hat BBQs, dancing to “Reach for the Stars” in the Puff Inn, etc. etc.).




My time here would not have been the same without all the people who have made life so much more entertaining and fun, and my thanks go out to everyone who has been so kind to me over the last few years – fellow NTS staff, the folk on the Base, boat skippers, and visiting researchers and volunteers.




And finally, a big thank you to the seabirds for not only providing me with hours of enjoyment watching their progress, but also for giving me an excuse to be here in the first place!



                                                                                         Photo by Will Miles


Sarah, Seabird and Marine Ranger


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