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Skua squabbles

30 August 2014

If you took a quick walk outside you could be forgiven for thinking that all the skuas have left the Island. They haven't, but now that breeding has finished there are definitely fewer around as many have already begun their journey south for the winter. End of season skua in the sky 

The remaining skuas still need to eat and they continue to pursue other birds harassing them out of the sky.   Today, I had a 'right place, right time' moment and witnessed a skua successfully capture a bird and then take it to the hillside where it sat and tucked in to its meal. A successful hunt, before other skuas attacked


Busily feeding on the hill the skua soon attracted the attention of another bird, possible a youngster: Skua attack number 1


Other birds soon joined in and they patrolled the sky waiting for the right moment to swoop down and make a grab for the kill: Let a skua eat in peace...  attack number 4


Skua number 1 managed to protect its meal a number of times but it was inevitable with so many other birds about that one of them would eventually steal it away. Meal lost on the final attack by skuas




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