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Over the sea from Skye

9 May 2011

Quite literally from Skye - the prevailing wind of the last few days has been south-easterly meaning few human visitors to St Kilda. Conditions in the bay just get too rough to disembark safely. A time of catching up on other things for me but a potentially busy time for my new colleague Gina. Not so unusual were the racing pigeons blown in a couple of days ago. Hopefully when the strong winds subside they will make their way home. One was discovered to have set off from Newcastle on Tyne to East Kilbride having overshot by a couple of hundred miles. Still stormy outside I am waiting for a calm moment or two to begin my census of Kittiwakes, Fulmars and sheep on the outlying islands of Soay and Berneray. Working Parties will arrive this week, weather permitting. On the one calm day since I last wrote we were visited by a couple of intrepid kayakers from N. Uist. Due to the weather they took the easy option, returning by day boat to Leverburgh, Harris. As a novice kayaker myself I felt just a wee bit envious..........still there'll be another time.

Sea Kayakers landing May 2011

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