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Surprise sunshine!

30 June 2017

A day of wall-to-wall sunshine on Wednesday came as quite a surprise given the forecast for a morning of torrential rain!    Everyone made the most of the weather – I rejigged plans to finish another survey, visitors from the Hebridean Sky and day boats wandered in the warmth, Orca went fishing out west where conditions really were flat calm, and a very large cruise ship took advantage of the calm seas to peek into the bay letting passengers catch a glimpse of the island before they went on their merry way.   Orca at the base of the west cliffs 2017View through the mistress stone 2017Unexpected visit from a very large cruise shipSaga Sapphire near Levenish

There were also dolphins in the Bay, but I unfortunately missed out on seeing them. All-in-all a great day to be here.   Needless to say, back to gale force winds again today, but hopefully we get some more warm summer sunshine soon….. View from Ruaival 2017



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