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'The St Kilda Challenge'

28 June 2016

Earlier this month, the inaugural international yacht race 'The St Kilda Challenge' took place with yachts racing from Lochmaddy in the Western Isles to St Kilda. Yacht race map 

St Kilda isn't known for long spells of good weather and the organisers no doubt imagined that yachts would have to navigate through rough seas and howling winds.   Not so.  The weather on the day was anything but rough with calm seas and hardly a breath of wind, certainly not ideal conditions for a sailing race!      Despite this, fifteen of the twenty seven registered yachts formed a racing fleet and set sail for the archipelago.  Racing yachts 2016

The remaining 12 yachts formed a cruising flotilla getting to St Kilda under engine power.   Race conditions were tough and seven of the racing fleet joined the flotilla with only one of the original fleet making the return journey in the time limit of 24 hours.  The flotilla anchored in Village Bay and the crews were welcomed ashore by the ranger team and members of Work Party 2.Yacht flotilla in Village Bay 2016Yacht flotilla from the shoreline in Village Bay2016

Beach clean, west, 2016


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