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Here they come...

18 June 2009

Saturday the 30th of May was a very busy day indeed, as the Spirit of Adventure made a call to St Kilda. The Spirit was chartered by NTS and stopped off in Village Bay on its way up the West Coast of Scotland. For a while it looked like nobody from the boat was going to made landfall on St Kilda as the swell in the Bay was more than enough to prevent any boat coming alongside the jetty. The horrendous conditions of the morning eventually eased up and made way for the delightful weather conditions of the afternoon. The swell disappeared and the sun came out as the Spirit started to load passengers into their tenders ready to be ferried ashore.

spirit of adventure

photo: Sam Dennis


By mid afternoon the number of people on the island had swollen from around thirty to over three hundred and fifty! It is quite something to experience such a sudden injection of people into the place, only for everyone to disappear again after a couple of hours, finding yourself wondering what just happened. Everyone on the boat was treated to a magnificent day as the clouds disappeared and the wrens came out to sing and even a pair of Arctic Skuas came rocketing down out of the sky for a few dramatic fly-bys; not something you see everyday. Unfortunately nobody had a camera to hand, so here’s an artist’s impression:


skua sketch

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