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Goodbye and thanks Work Party Two!

24 June 2015
Thursday saw the late departure of Work Party Two – poor weather granted them the blessing of an extra day on St Kilda.

Work Party Two were welcome arrivals – with the cancellation of Work Party One this year the island had been strangely quiet. Work party two cracked on immediately with the usual round of works. Clearing drains and watercourses was a particularly satisfying task this year. The ground is still amazingly wet so there was much amateur hydraulic engineering going on – particularly Dougie and his big stick (don’t ask).

WP2 2015, Hard at work clearing drains

As well as being hard grafters they were an athletic bunch, there was a record-breaking mass run of the chimney challenge – Peter won with a time of 12 mins 43 secs with the rest of the work party and other island-dwellers following after. As well as athletic skills, the Work Party had an amazing array of cultural talents – a treasure trove of limericks were produced which certainly cannot be reproduced here.

WP2 2015 Chimney Challenge

We are very grateful for the hard work and enthusiasm of the work party, and particular congratulations should go to WP leader Martin who successfully led his first merry band on Hirta without a hitch (apart from the museum door knob being the wrong colour, which will never be forgotten or forgiven). Particular thanks also to chef Flo, who kept bellies full and faces smiling.WP2 2015

Goodbye and thanks!

Work Party Two were: Martin Lilley (leader), Florence Acland (cook), Andy Smart, Angela Klein, Catherine Luke, Douglas Young, Iain Bolland, Irene Asiain, Julian Ellis, Peter Stronach, Rosemary Lord, and Stefanie Lauer.


Àrsair Hiort/ St Kilda Archaeologist

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