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Autumn Activity

10 October 2013

The tourist season on St Kilda is now well and truly over. Although we have no visitors now, we are busier than ever making sure that Hirta will be in tip-top condition for next season. I’ve been catching up on a few odd jobs like repairing the front of this cleit over at Mullach Bi. Repaired cleit 208
It’s not only the National Trust who are still working away, our partners at QinetiQ have also been busy. Much of the plant, equipment, and materials for some of the year’s big jobs are now making their way off-island.Plant machinery heading off-island
Some works are still ongoing, like replacing the old 1960’s water pipes in the base. Due to the highly legislated nature of the World Heritage Site, I have been working closely with QinetiQ to make sure none of the works have any adverse impact on the archaeology. Replacing old water pipes in the baseOver the past few weeks the jobs I;ve been involved in have included fixing the water pipes, carefully de-silting a little reservoir near the helipad, removing redundant fibre-optic cable, and replacing a defective lightning predictor with a brand new shiny(ish) one.Replacement lightning detector on Mullach Mor
We will also see a flurry of contractors over the next few weeks ensuring that all our historic buildings (many of which are still occupied today) are kept in good nick. As part of this, the manse, where the NTS Staff live, has received a new coat of limewash and is looking every bit the way Mr Stevenson designed it to in the 1820’s.New lick of paint for the Manse
Hopefully by the time we leave in a few weeks everything should be in excellent condition to meet next year’s season.

Àrsair Hiort/ St Kilda Archaeologist

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