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UK fungus day

12 October 2014

Without fungus there would no fertile soil, no plant life and as a consequence no animals and no humans.  Every plant, tree and crop has a fungus associated with it and without these fungal partners vegetation would not be able grow and the food we eat would quickly become depleted. Simply put, life on earth would not exist without fungi!    

Today, the British Mycological Society are supporting a series of events around the UK to raise awareness of the importance of fungi. Goes without saying that there are no events on Hirta, but I decided to go for a wander and see what fungi I came across. 

Here's what I found...Fungus day - red 

Fungus day - Yellow


Fungus day - brown

There were others but they were in poor condition and weren't worthy of a photograph. I'm interested to know what I'm walking by every day so I've sent the images to someone from the 'Outer Hebrides Biological Recording Group' and with any luck they will be able to identify them.




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