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Goodbye Work Party Two!

24 July 2014

It’s a testament to how busy things are when work party time comes round that I’m only now getting a chance to write this wee post about Work Party Two (Sorry!). They were here from the 4th to the 18th of June and enjoyed almost two weeks of fantastic weather on Hirta.

Work party two began by engaging in turf roof repairs with extreme gusto – it quickly became a competition to see how large a turf we could get onto the cliet roofs. Various techniques were employed including making massive turf swiss rolls, using levers, and making cradles, all with Martin (pictured) as unofficial/self-appointed foreman. 2014WP2 Martin Roofing.

Work Party veteran Stephen MacDonald had a busman’s holiday slating the church and Factors house, and several work party members had a masterclass from dry stane dykers Brian Wilson and Craig Neate, who rebuilt a collapsing wall in front of the manse. Lots of the usual painting, ditching and repairs were also embarked upon. 2014WP2 Dyking with Brian Wilson

Amazingly, after all this hard work WP2 still found time to darken the door of the Puff Inn, do the Chimney Challenge, produce some ‘striking’ avant guarde artwork, give vent to some impressive party pieces in ceilidh, and play host to some high-brow banter over whiskies in House one.

Work party two were ably led by David Ackroyd, cooked for by Flo Acland, and were comprised of Alasdair Chisholm, Cathy Gall, Mike Hinson, Martin Lilley, Steve MacDonald, Helen McPherson, Liz Mylod, Elise Schokker, Anthony Simpson, and Rachel Strong. 2014WP2 Group outside H1

Àrsair Hiort/ St Kilda Archaeologist

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