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Rocks away!

16 April 2007

Well, the visitor season on St Kilda is just starting up again, and Sarah (Seabird and Marine Ranger) and Annelie (the new Ranger) are both on the island, with Sam (Archaeologist) to fly back at the end of the week too. However, Sarah arrived back a couple of weeks ago to find that many large rocks had washed in to the jetty area over the winter, making it very difficult for any boats to get in and land folk on the pier. Luckily, the landing craft, the Elektron, was due out last weekend, so a digger and driver was quickly hired to come out on the boat and sort the problem out.




This was quite a challenge for the driver, as there was only a short window of time at low tide to get the machine in and move the rocks. However, John Paul was more than a match for the task, taking the digger right out into the waves (at which point he said he realised that his cab wasn’t watertight, as the water seeped in round his feet!) and doing a grand job of clearing the rocks away.




So, we're now looking forward to welcoming back the many lucky visitors who make it out to Kilda each year.


Sarah, Seabird and Marine Ranger

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