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Fright night!

1 November 2011

It’s Halloween!  ooooOOOoooooo!

Pumpkin puffinPuffins get a scare!

Who says island life is boring?!  Most people made a big effort and we had a lot of fun.  We entertained ourselves with decorations.....

I vant to suck your blood, a-a-a-aaa-aaaaa! (Bat!)Ghosts of St Kildan past, no probably not!


...scary looking punch...

Scary looking punch 

...costumes and games.....

Werewolf table tennisMonster plays pool!

While writing this post, I began to think of all the other activities that had taken place over the season.  I will dig out some photos and post a summary of ‘time out’ on St Kilda….



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