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Goodbye Work Party Three!

25 July 2014

Finally I have a chance to reflect on our final work party of the year – work party three who were on Hirta from the 18th of June. The five gents of work party three shared only two first names so apologies to Dave, David, David, Ian, and Ian if I got any of you mixed up…

Work party three, like all the work parties this year, were blessed with some fantastic weather. Lots of dry weather meant lots of time tarring roofs using some special roof-tarring contraptions made by David W, and painting the cottages.2014 WP3 Bill Painting 

 The work party leader,  Dave Guy, is a bit of an expert when it comes to dry stone repairs so this work party spent quite a while putting various fallen stone structures on Hirta back up, including a few over in Glen Bay. 2014 WP3 Ian, Hazel, and Bill dyking
The third work party continued an excavation in Blackhouse F began by work party two (a separate blog will follow about this), producing some beautiful plan drawings of the excavation and shifting huge amount of stone and soil. 2014 WP3 Two Davids and Jenny excavating in blackhouse F

 As the weather was so good a brave few made the trip down to Carn Mòr one evening and were rewarded with incredible numbers of puffins. 2014 WP3 Puffins down Carn Mor

 Work Party three were: Jenny Rutherford, Hazel Anderson, Bill Gallacher, Ian Bynoe, Liz Goodburn, Ian Hare, Christine Jones, David Pye, Gemma Smith, and David Wareham. The cook was Ann Prior and the work party leader was Dave Guy.

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