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'Digs' on St Kilda (and I don't mean excavations!)

19 May 2014

It’s a stormy day on Hirta today. Time to catch up on some paperwork, which for me consists of getting everything ready for our work parties, who arrive on Wednesday. We have also been getting accommodation ready for them, but for a couple of days our cottages are empty. These are usually always in use as accommodation for researchers or conservationists during the season. It occurred to me that there were few pictures of any of the interiors on the ranger diary, so I took a few snaps of the ‘digs’ while they were lying empty.


The photograph below shows the social space and kitchen in House one. This is where the work parties and researchers spend most of their time during the evenings. When the work parties start it will be full of delicious sights and smells as a full-time cook will be creating tasty treats for the workers.

St Kilda Accom - The social space in cottage one.

 St Kilda Accom. - The Kitchen

You can see some of the dormitory-style accomodation in the picture below – it’s basic but warm and cosy even in the worst of St Kildan weather.

St Kilda Accom. - dorms


Finally, we have some VIP accomodation in House six. This is essential for the work party leaders and cooks who need a bit of peace and quiet to complete the surprisingly large amount of paperwork involved in their respective roles. This building also often doubles up as a lab for botanists, lichologists, ecologists, and all the other various kinds of 'ologists' we see every year. It's also not unknown for snorers to be exiled here!


St Kilda accommodation VIP


The accomodation is a bit basic but clean, dry, and windproof. The St Kildans certainly had a knack for making even more basic accomodation homely  -like the inside of this bothy on Boreray!

Bothy on boreray in the late 19th century © NTS

Àrsair Hiort/ St Kilda Archaeologist

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