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Oystercatcher chicks

7 June 2015

For the second year in a row a pair of Oystercatchers have nested on top of cleit 47 just behind the street.   At first this seems like quite a daft spot to pick given that it is quite exposed and clearly visible to passing skuas and gulls. But, I wonder whether the constant presence of people milling about the nest does actually 'protect' the pair a little from potential predators.Oystercatcher nest on cleit 47 

 The chicks hatched a few weeks ago but I've only just managed to get a clear glimpse of them.Oystercatcher chick sat in the grass


I watched for a while as they busied themselves feeding until they were alerted to my presence by their parent's high pitched alarm calls.  Oystercatcher chick foraging


Then they dashed off on their ridiculously disproportionate long legs to seek shelter away from my curious eyes.Oystercatcher chick running away to hide from me  




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