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I name this ship.....

17 September 2007

Every year on St Kilda sees the launch of several mailboats from the island by Work Parties, with varying degrees of success (one of last year’s was trawled from the bottom of the sea by a fishing boat, a very different form of recovery!). However, this year was unusual in that we had only one Work Party, due to vital renovations on the cottage facilities, and no mailboat was sent.


Myself and Sam decided that we shouldn’t let a year go by with no mailboat launch, so enlisted the help of Cliff, the Site Engineer, to help us construct one.



Cliff splicing rope for the buoy


As well as postcards to ourselves, we also included cards to those that have made special contributions to the island this year, as a way of thanking them for their company and help.


1 mailboat


The boat was duly launched on an outgoing tide, and we await its finding with eager anticipation!


1 launch

Sam launching the boat


Sarah, Seabird and Marine Ranger


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