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First stroll of the season

11 May 2014

After arriving on island it's always good to head out for a stroll and see what's what.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great but that didn't stop me although the mist meant I had to stay local!

Walk1 - Mist down to to the quarryWalk1 - Tup in the cemetary


The lambing season is well underway and the sheepies are out most days monitoring the tagged ewes within the Head Dyke and attempting to catch their lambs. This little one was only a couple of days old and stayed velcroed to mum as I walked past.Walk1 - Tagged ewe with her newborn lamb (yet to be caught by the sheepies!!)


There was the usual assortment of birds twittering away such as wheatears, pipits, starlings and the St Kilda wren. On closer inspection, a rather white 'rock' on Dun turned out to be a Swan! Walk1 - WrenWalk1 - Swan on Dun


I took shelter in the museum during a particularly heavy downpour and then headed back to carry on with the office prep that accompanies all my surveys.Walk1 - Museum (1)Walk1 - Museum (2)



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