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Last words

26 September 2007

It’s time to say goodbye to the island again, and I’ll leave you with the traditional montage of shots showing how we entertained ourselves over another excellent summer by……………..



being invited onto million pound yachts for drinks,


1 softball


playing not-so-softball (we used a shinty ball, and the game ended with one fractured wrist and one damaged rib – not one of our better ideas!),


1 fancy dress


having fancy dress barbeques,


1 bonxie hat 

finding new ways of warding off bonxie attacks,


1 giraffe


having endless surreal fun with an inflatable giraffe,


1 clouds


1 dun gap


watching the spectacular landscape and big seas,


1 puff inn


being entertained in the Puff Inn,




enjoying the cliffs,


1 whisky


and partaking of the occasional dram.


It’s not surprising then that sometimes it all got too much for some of us!!!!


1 sleeping


As always, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone on and associated with St Kilda who entertained us and looked after us so well. It’s been a joy!


Sarah, Seabird and Marine Ranger.

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