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Gaggle of geese

21 April 2015

At this time of year it's not unusual to hear graylag or pink-footed geese honking as they fly high over the island.  But today something very unusual happened, a huge skein of brent geese appeared out of the mist, a quick count suggested there were over 100 birds.Skein of geese flying in the mist


After a few circuits of the bay they landed on the sea near the Featherstore and swam past the day boat before settling on the beach.Geese settled on the waterGeese swimming past HirtaLarge flock of geese swam to the beach


Brent geese appear annually at St Kilda but most sightings are of single birds with a maximum spring count of 15 in 1997.    So, it seems that this amount of individuals settling within Village Bay could well be a new record.




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