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Goodbye Work Party Three!

4 July 2013

Work Party three had great weather as they departed yesterday after two weeks on Hirta. Although they arrived on Island a day late, they very quickly got into the swing of work party life and had a great two weeks.

Work party three were, as usual, a very diverse group of people. They were very ably led by Donald Paterson – a self-confessed St Kilda geek! Work Party two are pictured below, along with our temporary ranger Pete, who is covering for Paul while he is on holiday.
(Back row) Ian, Sara, Pete, Jana, Renate, Paul (AKA Raoul), Alison, Derek, (Front row) Fal, Donald, Janice, Ken and Jo.Work Party Three 2013.

Work party three had the usual varied selection of jobs to do including cleit roof repairs, repairing dry stone collapses and roof painting. One particularly big job which they tackled was a large repair to cleit 44. It was a task to move the large amount of soil and huge turves needed - especially in the rain! The photograph below shows a slightly damp cleit-roof-super-team in front of a job well done.
Job well done - Cleit 44

The work party members treated us to their party pieces several times - a fiddle player and a fluteist added to the musicians already on the Island to create a not-half-bad (black)house band. We had a few great evenings in cèilidh with the occasional bawdy song from an unexpected quarter. A proper Hiotaich Horo Gheallaidh!

A big thank you for all the hard work and hopefully we will see you all again soon!

Àrsair Hiort/ St Kilda Archaeologist

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