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Walking in the Village may never be the same again.

5 June 2015

Anyone who ventures away from the Village will usually have stories to tell of getting ambushed by Bonxies or dived at by Arctic Skuas.   I think it's all part of the St Kilda experience but can understand why visitors are surprised by the aerial attacks!      In contrast, walks through the Village are typically quiet and calm unless you stumble across a pair of Oystercatchers, but their shrill calls are hardly threatening.  In the last few weeks I've noticed a pair of Great Skuas maintaining a presence in the Village.  It's not unusual for Skuas to be spotted here as they often pursue birds and eat their kill on the hillside but it is unusual for them to return to the same spot over and over.    On my way back from monitoring nest boxes I thought I'd check out the area it wasn't long before I found a nest and then felt the familiar tap of a bonxie's foot on my head. Watch out walkers!Skua nest with one egg just above the Head Dyke


The nest is actually at the foot of Conachair near the burn so in reality is probably away from where most people wander.  But, be warned, the pair are as protective as any other higher up and will think nothing of defending their territory and protecting their young!Skua on its nest just above the Head Dyke




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