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First big storm of the season

5 October 2014

A thoroughly miserable day! It started out wet and windy and continues to deteriorate as I type this. Wet and windy start to the day


Wind and rain lashes the Island and is currently whipping up a swell of considerable size!  I nipped out for five minutes when the rain died down but the torrential downpours soon started up again so that was the end of my adventure outdoors.  Splish, splash, splosh... ...Splish...Splash......Splosh!


Most of the sheep are tucked away inside cleits or sheltering behind walls. I say most as this light wild sheep isn't doing a great job of taking cover, it's no wonder people say these creatures are stupid! The sequence of photos below shows the incredible height of the spray coming over the wall of the jetty, yikes!Sheep sheltering with jetty spray 1Sheep sheltering with spray 2Sheep sheltering with spray 3Sheep sheltering with spray 4


Staying indoors is by far the best idea when the weather is so bad and I whiled away a few hours in the kitchen making and baking some goodies.The kitchen is the best place to be on a miserable day




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