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Still over 60 knots

21 September 2004

Well we're not off just yet.  The strong winds that have been buffeting most of Scotland for a few days have also been felt here, causing spectacular seascapes but also meaning that there has been no helicopter or supply boat.  So there are now a few of us waiting and others anxiously watching the supplies of fresh food diminish.

Its not only the human residents of St Kilda that are affected, Manx shearwater chicks are fledging and taking that first tentative flight into the teeth of a howling gale.  It means that some of them don't make it and, exhausted, seek shelter.  This morning two were discovered, one behind a vehicle wheel and another behind a door.  They were carefully caught and put in a nice dark box somewhere quiet.  Hopefully if the wind drops a bit they will be released this evening, there are fewer predators around then and the shearwaters have a better chance of making it out to sea


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