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'A' Team at Work

29 May 2015

For our neighbours and tenants, the MOD contractors working to replace a leaking steel water tank, the accolade 'A' Team would have been most appropriate. The job of placing the tank on the hillside above the village was completed yesterday in just a couple of minutes. A small lifting helicopter flew into the bay like some mechanical bird of prey, dangling the tank beneath it's metal talons.

Heli Lift 7

The helicopter passed swiftly around us as we watched from a safe distance.


 Heli Lift 3

 The new tank was lowered into position with barely a pause by the skilled pilot.


 Heli Lift 6

 The speed and efficiency of the ground team was impressive. All safety regulations were strictly observed and due to a poor weather forecast we had no curious visitors to worry about.



Heli Lift 8



Then up, up and away - within a couple of minutes - job done!










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