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Springtime on Kilda

2 May 2007

A Soay lamb


It is now safe to say that spring truly has arrived to St Kilda. The grass is getting greener and violets, celandines and primroses keep popping out of the ground making life more colourful.


New lambs arrive every day keeping the Sheep Project busy. Notably they landed a new record the other day, catching 27 lambs in one day! Well done!


Yesterday we were visited by a lost swallow, presumably looking for a much warmer place than St Kilda! The puffins are also back, gathering and starting to go onto land for the breeding season.


Another foolproof spring sign is of course Angus and the Orca, bringing the season’s first visitors to our small but wonderful place on earth.


Annelie Mattisson

St Kilda Ranger

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