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26 June 2012

After two weeks leave back in waterlogged Devon, I returned to find drought conditions on St KIlda. We have almost forgotten when we last had any decent rainfall here. Recent drizzle has just managed to lay the dust and our island water supplies are dangerously low. So low that we have had to adopt conservation measures starting with turning off water supply to the toilets. Everyone here now has to flush using water from the fire pond. That includes visitors and many thanks to all those who have helped save our last few drops of fresh water. Rain is expected at the end of the week.


The turf roofs on our cleits are particularly suffering from lack of moisture and this makes their conservation a continuing challenge for the archaeologist on island. 

The tourist season is well under way and as usual it coincides with bird nesting. Great Skuas aka Bonxies take a dim view of walkers in their nesting areas and can act agressively. I always warn visitors to beware of aerial attacks!

Bonxie Time

Not all birds on the island are so beligerent and I was rewarded last Sunday by an ethereal encounter with a Snowy Owl. No Gorillas on St Kilda but we do have Owls in the mist.....

Snowy Owl in the mist

Hopefully the drought breaks before my next blog!


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