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April showers

4 May 2012

The last couple of weeks seem to have personified the month of April. From cold almost frosty nights followed by clear and calm sunny days.  There have been times when the island has felt deserted when rough seas kept visitors away.

Empty Village April 2012 

An intrepid group of early campers stayed one night and I joined them for an impromptu St Kilda Music Festival. Dancing the Black House Reel was great fun and I played St Kilda's Wedding along with other standards for our mini-ceilidh. After leaving us they reported back that their small boat had encountered a pod of Orcas between here and the Monach Islands.

Smaller cruise ships have taken advantage of the better days with return visits by the Dutch Wylde Swan tall ship and the 1950s  Stockholm from Sweden.

Wylde Swan April 2012

People tend to assume that St Kilda has amazing biodiversity - it's true for the marine environment but on land our remoteness means we have noticeably fewer species present than the mainland. Our biodiversity has risen thanks to new arrivals - a pair of common blackbirds, actually not common at all out here. Having flown the fifty miles sea crossing the male has been singing to his shy mate around the village walls and cleits. His evening song melodious against the backdrop of seabird calls.

Lamb Curious

The staff here are being entertained by the antics of the Soay lambs but I do have to remind visitors that 'lamb-cuddling' is not permitted!

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