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Then there were two

8 May 2011

How wonderful to be on St Kilda! I am the new Seabird and Marine Ranger for the islands and what a joy it is to know that I have six months to work, live and enjoy this spectacular environment. I could barely contain my excitement as I travelled from Benbecula on the short helicopter journey to St Kilda. The first glimpse of the islands is unforgettable – what an amazing place – WOW!

View of Village Bay from the helicopter

This isn't my first visit to St Kilda but working for the NTS is a new experience and I am excited by the work and opportunities that I will encounter during my stay. 

Gina (Seabird and Marine Ranger) enjoying a walk through Old Village

What will I be doing during my time on island? The main role of my post is to monitor key seabird colonies and to collect cetacean and other marine sightings. Why? St Kilda is the premier seabird breeding station in the north east Atlantic and seabird populations fluctuate in response to local events and conditions, as well as more widespread factors. By monitoring the population and breeding success of selected seabird colonies a greater understanding of the status of the colony, and the threats affecting it, will be gained. This information will help us to protect these seabirds and increase our understanding of the populations and their environment.


 Gina Prior, Seabird and Marine Ranger

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