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Working holidays

4 July 2012

Here on St Kilda we are fortunate enough to have a ready supply of volunteers wanting to come out and work for us for a fortnight each Spring. There is awaiting list this Spring we had three groups coming out. There main task is the annual maintenance of the old village. Such things as painting exterior doors, retarring roofs and running the souvenir shop come within their remit. It is not all work - there is time for play and I led one group on a guided walk of the high spots of Hirta. Leading walks can be somewhat of a challenge considering varying levels of fitness encountered but here everyone young and not so young were safely led to the summit of Conachair, even though the youngest made her way down by sliding on her bottom (in a controlled manner!).

Working Holiday Party  1  2012

One thing I couldn't guide was the weather and we had to scurry for shelter as the heavens opened.

Boreray Squall

That was several weeks ago; since then heavy rain has become but a distant memory.






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