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Splash of colour on a grey day

14 May 2012
Yesterday was the first truly awful weather day since I arrived at the beginning of April. It was blowing a hoolie with mist and driving rain - a thoroughly dreich day.
Dreich day
My daily bird walk didn't bring too much excitement  so I turned my attention to the ground.  I'm always looking towards the sky at birds as they fly by, but there's an incredible amount to see right at my feet.  Flowers pepper the landscape and I was genuinely surprised to see so many colours - how had I not noticed this before?
PrimosesMany purple flowersWhite flowerYellow flowerPink flowers on rocky outcropPurple flowerYellow flower dandelionPink tube flowersSingle purple flowerYellow flowering on a rocky outcropPink orchidWhite flower on a rocky outcrop

St Kilda only has 184 species of flowering plants, grasses and ferns compared with some 700 on the Outer Hebrides.  With limited competitors, the species that do thrive can often expand into habitats that would otherwise be occupied by plants that are absent.  Other plants thrive in areas where the sheep cannot graze, but unfortunately these are places I can't get to either!

(Seabird and Marine Ranger)

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