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Downtown St Kilda

18 July 2012

Being mostly occupied with hosting our visitors I get to meet people from all over the world.While most arrive from the UK, Europe and North America some come from much further afield, in particular Australia and New Zealand. For those who have read our nineteenth century history, you will know of our connections with Australia in particular. Thomas Dyke Acland, the English philanthropist kicked off the building of the 'new' village on Hirta after his first visit in 1812. He renamed his yacht 'Lady of St Kilda' which subsequently grounded on an Australian sandbank in 1835. The stricken yacht bequeathed its name to the modern suburb of Melbourne of St Kilda and is now proudly commemorated on a downtown railway bridge.

St KIlda Melbourne 3

St Kilda Melbourne 2

St Kilda Melbourne 1

What a difference from the peace and tranquility of St Kilda Hebrides. Many thanks to the southern St Kildan who donated these photographs to us.




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