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First glimpse

13 June 2015

Those following the blog will have seen several updates on the petrel box project.   Designing, building, installing and then waiting.... lots of waiting to see if the boxes would be used by any birds.  First checks were promising; petrels investigated four boxes leaving signs such as vegetation, feathers and a musty smell.  Petrel Box 2015 - Vegetation


The amount of vegetation inside two of the boxes built up between the last two checks and a couple of days ago I caught the first glimpse of a Leach's storm-petrel tucked up inside a box. Hooray!Petrel Box 2015 - Box 019 first signs


Petrels are sensitive to disturbance so I won't check this box for another week or so but I did a monitoring round today of the other boxes and found a second occupied nest box!  I made sure to remove the lid for only a few seconds but could tell that both birds are not yet incubating an egg. Fingers crossed they will soon....Petrel Box 2015 - Box 002 first signs





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