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Tablets Old and New

5 June 2015

Part of my job is maintain the schoolroom for visitors to enjoy. I quite naturally check the slate tablets for anything 'naughty'. Thankfully in my six years at St Kilda I have yet to find anything offensive.

Tablet 1

So a certain young Leroy has graced us with his presence and George Dyke Acland, a member of the family of philanthropists who instigated our Victorian village, left us the Lord's Prayer to ponder on. However, on turning the slate over I found a timeless inscription common to just about every teenagers school desk!

Tablet 2

Yes, young Campbells - own up, we know who you are! Bring an extra lump of peat for the fire next week as pennance.

It seems tablets never go out of fashion. Here a recent visiting Minister prepares to read the Scriptures from his I-Pad.

Tablet 3

Wouldn't mind betting the Lord's Prayer is on that tablet too.


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