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Colour on a grey day

24 September 2011
The weather over the last few days has been fairly gloomy and grey.   But, this is St Kilda and there is always something to see.  At the end of a walk spotting migrants I spent a while looking at, and photographing, an assortment of wax caps (fungi) - here are some of the larger specimens:
Orange fungiphoto: could be Hygrocybe glutinipesWrinkly fungiphoto: Hygrocybe pratensis var pallidaFungi near the streetRed fungiphoto: could be Hygrocybe reidiiWhite fungiphoto: Hygrocybe virgineaYellow fungiphoto: could be Hygrocybe chlorophanaRibbed fungiphoto: Entoloma spp

Big thanks to Ali Murfitt (NTS) for helping to identify them!

Gina (Seabird and Marine Ranger)

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