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St Swithin comes to St Kilda........

10 August 2015

Well, the rainy weather goes on and on, one day fine and the next foul. Rain and gales have beset us since mid-July. The graphics paint a picture of what we have been experiencing out here as one Atlantic depression after another rolls in interspersed with a few hours of sunshine.  Weather Forecast August 2015


The Village Street is suffering and I have to advise our visitors to expect muddy conditions underfoot.

Wet Street

On the rare dry and calm evenings I have put out the moth trap to add to our knowledge of these small island residents. On some mornings not a single moth was found in the trap and the most trapped so far this year has been just four. This solitary Common Lutestring was probably appreciative of the warmth of my hand after such cold and damp weather.

Common Lutestring 

The sun did actually shine for brief periods allowing us to get out and make the most of working at St Kilda. During one such interval I took our volunteer Devi James to the top of Conachair, the highest point on the island. It was cold and windy, but at least dry!

Volunteer on Conachair

Coming up here from balmy Dorset, she didn't expect to find August at St Kilda a winter month - neither did we.



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