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From the west

5 October 2011
For the last few day the island has been experiencing some strong westerly winds.  Walking around has been difficult but I've managed to take a few photographs of the changing light and sea conditions. 
Light over Dun on a stormy day
Enormous waves crashed through the Dun gap and spray regularly washed over Ruaival.
Big seas behind dun
The winds have also sent sea spray across the bay. Shame I washed the windows the day before!!
Stormy seas and the rocky shoreSpray behind the wallBackwards waterfall

The forecast suggests these winds will continue for the next 3-4 days.  Maybe the weather will bring some interesting birds  There are certainly large numbers of turnstones and meadow pipts on island at the moment but one never knows when a rare bird might be spotted taking shelter or passing through.
Line of turnstones

Gina (Seabird and Marine Ranger)

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