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Work Party

21 June 2016
 We have just finished our second work party of the year which had to leave in very rough conditions to Leverburgh.  Both the work parties this year have benefited from good weather for the majority of their time which has allowed most of the maintenance work they carry out on the buildings and village to be carried out successfully. We very much appreciate the help that work party volunteers give to the Trust as weather conditions can be harsh out here. The only area which has suffered is planned work on cleit roof repair as the dry weather makes cutting turves for this wasted effort.

This is a picture of Isobel Mackinnon, one of our work party members who has been painting the slates to mark the occupants of the houses that were abandoned in 1930.  This helps visitors identify where the ancestors lived and last week we were visited by a descendant of the Macqueen family on Croft 15A that left for Australia in 1852.  Though no trace of the former blackhouse that the family occupied now survives due to the building of the new houses in 1860, its location can be inferred from the Sharbau map that
marks this plot as 'Gone to Australia'  - copies of this map can be seen in the Gannon and Geddes publication St Kilda: the Last and Outmost Isle.

Isobel also painted a Soay sheep for the new bench built outside the Factor's House, built by Martin Lilley Work Party 2 leader. This house is much used by members of the longstanding St Kilda sheep project and we hope they will enjoy sitting contemplating summer sunsets from this.

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