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What view?

22 May 2012

I turned on the radio yesterday morning to hear news that many areas of the mainland were basking in glorious warm sun. ‘Fantastic’, I thought as I pulled back the curtains, ‘Just what I’ve been waiting for, a break in the weather'   Unfortunately, those of us on St Kilda woke up to quite a different set of weather conditions – low lying mist that totally obliterated the views!

Cleit disguising a misty bayPhoto: where is Dun?

A bird walk beckoned and after noting a few new waders I decided to venture to the top of the hill. Visibility rapidly declined once I passed the quarry and the mist was the most dense I have ever seen.   Cleits appeared out of the mist soup and although I could hear the quark of skuas I couldn’t see a single one. Quite an eerie place to be.  Cleits in mist at the top of the hill

Serious bird watching was pretty much impossible, particularly because I never left the road for a second – I like an adventure and I know the hill but I’m not bonkers (really, I’m not) and would easily have got lost. Poor visibility off the road

The trip wasn’t a complete wash out/white out as I did see golden plover and a Lapland longspur foraging in the road side ditch.Golden plove in the the mist, nice weather for birding

As I came back down the hill I was surprised to see the day boats arriving one after another into the bay. Although some visitors were disappointed that they couldn’t explore the hill tops most people soaked up the atmosphere and wandered to places like An Lag that were just about mist-free.Day boat arriving on a misty day

Atmospheric An Lag with low lying mist

Even in the mist, the island is beautiful but days like this make me so appreciative of calm clear sunny skies.






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