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On the Wild Side.

26 July 2013

I can get a few moments to appreciate the subtleties of St KIldan wildlife from time to time, even the supposedly wild sheep have their moment.

Here in the UK we have had our heatwave for the year with temperatures hittin 80 degrees on St KIlda. While we can resort to shorts and T-shirt, no such luck for the Soay Sheep. They seek shade in such conditions and here the shadow of the powerstation was just the place to chill out.

sheep sheltering

 There have been a few interesting atmospheric effects one of which was an evening Sun Dog, indicative of our northern latitude.

Sun Dog

 The Sun Dog set in the West and with night following day the full moon rose in the East.

Full Moon

The slightly red tinged moon of the hot summer evening has been termed the Thunder Moon indicating the weather expected to follow. We have not seen or heard thunder but have expereienced our highest and lowest tides of the momth. Many marine life cycles closely follow the phases of the moon and riding in on the high tides of recent days came armadas of jelly fish.

Jelly Fish Mauve Stinger

Mauve Stingers around the jetty made swimming an unattractive option even on the warmest evenings of the year.

Jellyfish in the Sky

Maybe all this sunshine got to my head but I began to see jelly fish in the sky too!



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